Direct Cremations

Direct Cremations

Direct cremations (also known as Pure cremations) are the fastest growing type of funeral in the UK.

What is direct cremation?

Direct cremation is the term used for the most simple type of cremation. There is no funeral service or ceremony and usually no mourners present.

In simple terms, the funeral directors collect the deceased to be taken to a crematorium for cremation in a simple coffin. Ashes are able to be collected afterwards.

Why choose a direct cremation?

Direct cremations are the most affordable option. They are most suited to people who do not want a traditional funeral service or where the deceased does not have many relatives to organise or attend a funeral service.

Pros and cons of direct cremation?

The most obvious benefit is that a direct cremation is far cheaper than a traditional funeral. There is also the matter of less planning and organisation being required for a direct cremation.

For some, the pros of a direct cremation are being able to remember the person who has died in their own way instead, for example by having a remembrance or celebratory event for family and friends. This would happen completely separately from the cremation itself and could take the form of an ashes scattering ceremony, a memorial service or simply a family gathering. This allows flexibility on location, timing and personalisation to remember a loved one wherever, whenever and however they choose.

Bear in mind that the funeral arrangers will often have restrictions and limitations that apply to a direct cremation. These can vary depending on the company but may include:-

  • Basic coffin only
  • No celebrants, priest, hearse or the usual elements of a traditional funeral
  • No visitors being allowed to the chapel of rest
  • Not being allowed to dress the deceased in their own clothes
  • Not being able to choose the date/time of the cremation
  • Family & friends not being able to attend the crematorium on the day or only a very limited number of attendees and for a very short duration only
  • The cremation will not be at a local crematorium

Direct cremation is a cost-effective option for simple and flexible end of life arrangements. However, for some, it does not provide the same level of closure and farewell as a traditional funeral service and they are not the right choice for everyone. Before making a decision you may want to consider if this is also what your family would want? For some, a traditional service can help the grieving process and bring comfort from the support of other family and friends at a funeral. For others, funeral services may cause extreme distress and be emotionally overwhelming. It really is a very personal choice.

How to make your funeral wishes known?

Many funeral companies offer the facility to arrange a pre-paid funeral plan for direct cremation.

How a funeral is to be conducted may cause disagreements between family members. You should include your funeral wishes in your will so that your personal representatives are fully aware of your wishes.


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