Protective Orders

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Protective orders

Our specialist solicitors can help protect you and secure orders on your behalf.  The types of orders that we can assist you to obtain are:

Non-molestation Orders

This is an injunction made by the court to prevent someone or anyone acting on their behalf from:

  • using or threatening violence towards you;
  • intimidating harassing or pestering you;
  • communicating with you directly or indirectly by telephone, text message, email, social media or other means;
  • post any derogatory, insulting, threatening or harassing posts regarding you on any social media, or
  • attend your address or go within a specified area surrounding your address.

Occupation Orders

This is an injunction made by the court to specify who has the right to stay at the family home, who can return to the family home or who should be excluded from the family home.

The type of orders available will depend on who owns or rents the property and whether you are married, in a civil partnership, divorced, living together or separated.

Funding for Advice and Legal Representation

Legal aid is available to obtain protection from abuse if you are on benefits or have a low income as well as when you are financially dependent on your partner.  Recent changes to legal aid now mean that you may be eligible even if you own a property.  Read more about these changes here.

If you are not eligible for legal aid then please contact us to discuss your options and to obtain a quote.  We offer flexible and competitive prices for all our private paying clients.