Abduction and Wardship

We can assist you if your child has been abducted or if you are facing abduction proceedings

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Abduction / Wardship

Abduction occurs when a child is removed from the country they usually live in and taken to another country usually by one parent without the other parent’s consent and without obtaining a court order first. A child can be wrongfully retained if a child is kept in another country for a longer period following an agreed holiday.

The court has the power to make a number of orders to try to secure the return of the child and it is important for such steps to be taken as quickly as possible after the abduction or retention has taken place.

We can assist you if your child has been abducted of if you are facing abduction proceedings. We can also assist you if you fear that your child may be at risk of being abducted.

The type of order that can be obtained will depend on where the child has been taken to.

Funding for advice and legal representation

Legal aid is available to assist you in these areas of the law. Please contact one of our specialist team who will be able to assess your eligibility.

If you are not eligible for legal aid then please contact us to discuss your options and to obtain a quote.