Special Guardianship Orders

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Special Guardianship Orders

Sometimes, it is not possible for a child to live with their parents and so they are looked after by someone else.

A special guardianship order may be made where a child is being looked after by an extended family member or a friend. A special guardianship order gives someone parental responsibility for the child they are caring for. The parents still retain their parental responsibility for the child but the special guardians can exercise their parental responsibility to the exclusion of others so they can make decisions for that child. A special guardian cannot change a child’s last name or remove the child from the country for more than 3 months without getting the consent of the other people with parental responsibility.

Funding for advice and legal representation

Legal aid is available to assist you in these areas of the law. Please contact one of our specialist team who will be able to assess your eligibility.

In some circumstances the local authority may offer limited funding to prospective special guardians.

If you are not eligible for legal aid then please contact us to discuss your options and to obtain a quote.