International Relocation

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International Relocation

When relationships come to an end there are often disputes about which parent the children should live with and who the children should spend time with.  These sorts of disputes are very common when one parent is from another country, has family abroad or wishes to relocate for work.

Our team of specialist lawyers have experience of dealing with relocations across the world including Europe, Asia and North America.

We are able to assist and advise you in relation to the following:

  • If you would like contact with your child who has relocated to England & Wales
  • If you are planning to relocate to another country with your child/ren and the other parent does not agree to this
  • If you believe that your child is going to be taken to another country or has been taken to another country by the other parent

Funding for advice and legal representation

Legal aid may be available to assist you in these areas of the law.  Please contact one of our specialist team who will be able to assess your eligibility.

If you are not eligible for legal aid then please contact us to discuss your options and to obtain a quote.  We offer flexible and competitive prices for all our privately paying clients.